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Copper Goddess Necklace With Pyrite Copper Wire Wrapped Pendant

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Handmade Copper Necklace with removable Copper Wire Wrapped Pyrite Pendant. 


Size: 6L X 6W / 8L X 6W (with pendant)

Copper has been around for centuries and was highly utilized by many civilizations across the globe. 

It was the metal associated with the goddess Hathor (the goddess of love and beauty), and people would often wear copper in reverence to her and to welcome divine energy into their lives.

From ancient times right up to the modern age, copper still hasn't lost its luster. Even in modern spiritual practices, copper is considered to be one of the best metals for its health benefits and assistance with joint pain, but also because it's believed to help with the flow of energy, to be a conductor of positive vibrations, and to bring spiritual healing.

Copper is not a passive metal; it is believed to help stimulate, awaken, and conduct spiritual energy, which can send healing vibrations throughout the body. As an amazing conductor, wearing this healing metal can enhance energy transfers - from improving blood circulation to bringing active or peaceful energy where it is needed within the body and mind. 



Copper takes a little TLC as it can be sensitive to external elements. Copper is known for tarnishing over time, so regular cleaning and buffing can keep it shiny and bright. 

You can take off your copper before showering or swimming to slow down the process of oxidation. All jewelry that works with the emotional body should also be energetically cleansed from time to time to shift stagnant or absorbed negative energy. You can simply smudge your bracelet to energetically clean copper. 


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